An exclusive, invitation only, mastermind group created for women leaders in data & AI with bold visions and goals. 

Looking to Advance Your Career as a Leader?

Do you work for a Fortune 500 company?

Do you report to a CIO or CEO of the business?

Do you have management experience for at least 10 years?

Do you look to grow professionally and personally?

What to expect

  • Do’s and Don’ts from your own experience
  • To engage in thoughtful conversations
  • Create & form a strong, supportive network
  • To be held responsible for your goals


  • Work for a Fortune 500 Company
  • Report to CIO or CEO of business
  • 10 years of management experience
  • Looking to grow professionally
  • Asha Saxena
  • Strategic and innovative leader
  • Proven track record of 25 years.
  • Strong academic background and creative problem-solving skills 

What Does the Mastermind group do?

The Mastermind group allows you to meet with like minded women who will help you achieve the goals you have in your professional career. 

To connect deeply with like-minded women leaders in data

To share your best practices, industry standards and procedures

To learn from one another’s experiences