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5 Ways to Establish a 'Quick Win' Culture in Your Company

Join us live with Marcus Lemonis at Thought Leaders Arizona on May 24. Early Birds Register Now & Save » We all want to win big. We want to create a success story — something that crosses boundaries, gathers speed and lasts … Continue reading

5 Tips For Keeping A Pulse On Your Tech Team

When most people think about the departmental structure of a business, the tech team is often regarded as the strange stepsibling. It serves a purpose — though not everyone is entirely sure what that is — and it often works … Continue reading

This Data Expert Shares the Secret to Growing Your Company With Big Data

Data can be powerfully helpful or powerfully destructive to your business. Learn from a data expert how to make data useful. Big data, data analytics, data management–in the past, these were areas of concern for enterprise companies. Today, both large … Continue reading

How to be a champion of data-driven decision-making

The Big Data era has carved out its groove and is here to stay. But for some reason, executives continue to feel pushback from skeptical managers who are reluctant to incorporate data systems into their decision-making processes. The most agile … Continue reading