Data Disruption in Healthcare

Asha Saxena examines transitions in how the healthcare industry manages and uses data during her conversation with Richard Cramer, the chief healthcare strategist at Informatica. Richard offers his perspective on changes in how healthcare providers gather and analyze data, as well as trends we should expect in the future.

This data disruption in healthcare will continue in dramatic fashion, allowing us to improve delivery of services at lower costs.

Join us as we discuss how this disruption will occur and what type of players will lead the disruption.

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • How the healthcare industry has evolved during the past 25 years from a state of not having the necessary data or cultural readiness for using it to an environment in which we have the data and can now combine cost, quality, and efficiency
  • Why many organizations need not worry about dragging a burdensome “data boat anchor” as they change
  • Ways that machine learning and AI can assume much of the administrative burden by automating routine processes for doctors, nurses, and other clinical staff
  • How coordinated care will use predictive modeling in ways that go beyond patient identification and risk cohorts to get to a deeper individualized level
  • Ways that electronic data promotes an environment that allows us to move away from Byzantine rules of the past toward a consumer-based market where we can go where we want and select services we want
  • Reasons that new players such as Amazon and Chase have come into healthcare, as well as the way that firms like CVS have started to redefine their role
  • What healthcare professionals can do to innovate their operations with their ability to access and understand clinical data, consumer data, and patient experience data
  • How data management is no longer relegated to a back room by techies and instead becomes better understood throughout the organization
  • Why consumerism is the future as consumers feel empowered to make their healthcare decisions that involve lower cost care settings than traditional hospitals
  • How we should expect a revolution in the use and management of electronic health records as we better understand the value of the data within them

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