Big Data, AI, and the Power of Cross-Company Consolidation, with Nick Minale

Asha Saxena discusses the importance of healthcare leader cohesion with Chief Data Officer at John Hopkins Healthcare, Nick Minale.

In this episode, we explore the emergence of coordinated, mutually aligned partnerships created to maintain constant healthcare for the entire population. From the care continuum of care data to the role of facility standardization, the episode will pinpoint the uses—and risks—of our ever-growing information world.

Data, today, drives everything. Let us equip you with the modern knowledge you need to understand the healthcare world’s newest opportunities—as everything from AI to data governance suites are changing the way providers conduct business.

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • How consolidation has become a new healthcare provider goal, inspiring today’s leaders to unite with big-name providers in order to strategize cost-effective solutions
  • How John Hopkins Healthcare is bringing its community together, facing the new world of healthcare by promoting partnership opportunities and reducing customer costs
  • The growing need for data in the healthcare world and why the industry’s future, experts believe, relies on advanced analytics to deliver the right plan to the right people—and at the right time
  • The roll of data privacy as the healthcare industry grows to offer custom-tailored treatments
  • How leaders like Nick Minale discern valuable data from numerous sources, understanding which “crown jewels” of information could redefine the population’s health
  • How device data is selected, powering electronic medical records with astounding detail about patient lifestyles
  • How the smartphone, itself, has changed the healthcare world
  • The evolution of AI with respect to healthcare systems, as well as the ways today’s healthcare companies are using data governance to achieve new goals
  • The power of predictive analytics, as well as its ability to “clean up” data—making it more accessible to healthcare providers
  • What makes a “master data” toolset, ranging across organizational architecture, determining data relevancy and staying adaptive in our ever-evolving technology world
  • How data not only increases organizational quality, but also the quality of life for patients

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