The Future of Cyber Security, with Ray Rothrock

Asha Saxena explores cyber security and the future of Big Data with venture capitalist Ray Rothrock.

In this episode, we’ll talk about how Big Data is impacting cyber security and how businesses can overcome the common challenges associated with Big Data, from keeping sensitive information to finding the right talent to process and analyze the data. Without a doubt, Big Data is here to stay, which is why all businesses should focus on learning how to effectively use it.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How businesses can effectively use the large amount of data they’re collecting
  • How Big Data is introducing new possibilities when it comes to analytics and also giving cyber criminals more opportunities to access large amounts of sensitive and personal information
  • How businesses can overcome common challenges when it comes to Big Data, such as protecting personal and sensitive information, establishing data rights and ownership, and not having the talent to analyze the data
  • How the federal government should play a role in protecting data in the United States by enacting new policies
  • The debate over whether the United States federal government should have a cyber army to protect data
  • How the United States is falling behind due to the lack of cyber capability and a cyber military academy
  • How Big Data businesses need to consider collaboration with other industry peers to ensure the security of sensitive data
  • The importance of securing open source software like Hadoop
  • The importance of maintaining and monitoring audit logs across all facets of a business
  • How Big Data presents enormous opportunities for businesses that go beyond just enchanted business intelligence
  • How cyber attacks are automated and tend to hit small companies the hardest
  • How Israel has become a key leader in the cyber security industry

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