Using Big Data To Drive Entrepreneurship Goals, with Manoj Madhusudanan

Asha Saxena explores using AI and machine learning to help new business owners achieve their goals with Manoj Madhusudanan, founder of the AI driven B2B sales targeting platform Ziligence.

In this episode, we go into the different ways data helps drive the results companies are looking for. Many entrepreneurs have little knowledge of different data tools on the market to use in shaping different aspects of their company.

AI and machine learning developments progress at a rapid pace. We go over the different ways new businesses could benefit by adapting at least some of their core processes to work with this technology. 

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What Manoj learned during his formative years as a consultant for the firm Accenture and watching the how data analytics began driving process automation
  • How Manoj recognized the opportunities data analysis and machine learning could provide to business owners during her time as a consultant
  • Having the confidence to leap into something new and embrace still-emerging technology
  • Navigating the gaps between the expectation of AI and the limitations of AI products currently on the market
  • The way AI and machine learning continues to rapidly advance in a very short time period and the importance of developers sharing what they’ve learned
  • Manoj’s admiration for Google’s dedication to pushing for advancements in the world of machine learning
  • How AI already impacts many tools used today to make business connections like LinkedIn or Facebook
  • Manoj’s belief that people at all levels of business need to have some basic understanding of AI
  • Learning to take AI and machine learning capabilities into consideration when building out a new business venture
  • The importance of applying the right technology to different business processes and making sure it fits a specific business case

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