How to Use Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Wisely—to Grow Your Business Exponentially

By Asha Saxena

With a Foreword by Seth Dorbin

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Women in Tech Speaker

Asha Saxena has been a keynote speaker at several academic and influential conferences, including Dataversity Enterprise World Data Conference, YPO Innovationweek, World Woman Summit,  TDWI, World Economics Forum. Asha is a world renowned expert who delivers speeches on topics such as; Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data Strategies for business.

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We have launched a Virtual Chief AI officers consulting service to work with CEO, CTO, CDO and CIO business leaders to identify holistic Artificial Intelligence strategies. In this Covid-19 era, one of the many challenges facing organizations is knowing where and how to invest into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning. And because the choices can seem daunting, a number of capital expenditures go by the wayside and don’t make the impact they’re supposed to within the business unit. 

Our AI research strategists work on identifying high-impact areas within a particular industry and pair that with proven-successes within the broad-spectrum of AI research. Our technique emphasizes maximizing AI & machine learning impact to create immediate revenue generating opportunities within a business.

Coach for Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Teams

Asha Saxena is a strategic, innovative leader with a proven track record of building successful businesses. With a strong academic background, creative problem-solving skills, and an effective management style, Mrs. Saxena has been instrumental in building business models for success.  Asha advises startup founders, and executives in the areas of technology, data governance, leadership, growth strategies, innovation, team building and cultural design to help them dramatically grow their business.

columbia university professor asha saxena

Corporate Training By a Columbia University Professor     

Asha designs customized in-house training courses and professional workshop events for companies and organizations. Topics range from data governance and AI to strategy, and from KPIs to industry tech trends and more. Content may be specifically catered to your industry in a format that works for you and address the unique training needs in your organization.

Asha Saxena is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University where she teaches graduate level courses on healthcare consulting, entrepreneurship, Big Data and Data Analytics courses to MHA, MPA, MBA, MSE and EMBA students.

She’s also been nominated to be one of the Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at Columbia Business School.  

“Asha’s talks unpack the full potential of big data and machine learning predictions and deliver practical advice on how to mitigate risk and out-innovate your competitors.”

Clifford J. Schorer
Columbia Business School Professor, Director of Entrepreneur in Residence Program