Data as Storyteller: Three Ways to Turn Your Analytics into Action

Here’s a scenario to consider: A Data Analyst is told to prepare a report. She has reams of figures ahead of her, and she’s a pro, so she sifts and sums, weaving through the numbers and finding precisely what she needs. The whole organization is captured in spreadsheets. What she doesn’t realize is that within […]

3 Critical Pieces of Data Groundwork for Modern Business Strategy

Few companies realize the extent to which their business strategies depend on data — until it’s too late. Think about it like a road trip. The business strategy tells you where to start, which route to take, and the destination. The data strategy tells you the condition of your vehicle, how much gas you have, […]

5 Ways to Establish a ‘Quick Win’ Culture in Your Company

We all want to win big. We want to create a success story — something that crosses boundaries, gathers speed and lasts a lifetime. But a success story can’t be formed in one go; it needs to be written line by line and chapter by chapter. You can use quick wins to write your success story in […]

5 Tips For Keeping A Pulse On Your Tech Team

When most people think about the departmental structure of a business, the tech team is often regarded as the strange stepsibling. It serves a purpose — though not everyone is entirely sure what that is — and it often works independently from the cohesive family unit. But for your businesses to lead its industry, you […]

7 Rules to Live by When Your Startup Hires Remote Tech Employees

The remote revolution has settled in. Working virtually has become a common lifestyle for tech employees, giving them the flexibility to travel, choose their own base, dictate their own pace and virtually collaborate. As the leader, however, it’s hard to juggle a remote team and make sure your employees are still putting their best foot […]

How to be a champion of data-driven decision-making

The Big Data era has carved out its groove and is here to stay. But for some reason, executives continue to feel pushback from skeptical managers who are reluctant to incorporate data systems into their decision-making processes. The most agile companies employ analytics to drive strategic decisions, and organizations that refuse to adopt a data mindset […]

Listen to Your Gut But Check Your Assumptions and the Data

Even as a self-professed data nerd, I still find myself itching to go with my gut when I’m faced with a key decision. It’s only natural. We humans sometimes struggle to set aside our fragile pride and accept that another source of information might trump our intuition. In business, it pays to put aside pride. Making a […]

The Next Big Thing Isn’t BDaaS – It’s How You Use It

At one time, only the corporate elite could afford to collect and crunch millions of data points to optimize their businesses. But with the advent of big data as a service, companies of all sizes now have the chance to take part in the big data revolution. Although the need for data isn’t new, the […]

FTI Catalyst offers healthcare professionals improved organizational analytics, enhanced decision-making, better strategy implementation, and improved overall operational efficiency. You founded Future Technologies Inc., a business analytics company, in 1996 and then developed FTI Catalyst, a pre-built data model specifically geared toward healthcare analytics. What has contributed to your overall growth and expansion into the health space? Asha: FTI works across a broad spectrum of industries, and as the company grew, we noticed an ongoing greater […]

Retail Data Model: How to Make it Work for the Healthcare Sector

The retail sector has long been using data to improve its services — from tracking customers’ habits to finding new solutions to age-old problems. In this guest post, Asha Saxena, president and CEO of a data management firm, gives hospital executives a rundown of how they can capitalize on big data.  ___________________________________________________________________________ Half of U.S. retail marketing executives […]