Framework for High Value Big Data

Businesses live in the big data world, where data is coming through from all many channels, devices, and data points. Organizations are collecting data from social media, financial systems, market segments, customer data, supply chain, devices, and more. As companies collect all of this data, they may ask, “what is the value of all this data?” 

Framework for High Value Big DataThe Solution:
715 Framework® 

We’ve come across organizations who want the data cleaned, and they want a culture that is able to drive growth and revenue. Yet, there is no set guide, or framework currently available in the market that provides a roadmap on how to implement this within their organization. A plan that has the ability to identify all of the elements that need to be taken into account for a data-driven project to provide high value. From the research on the framework, we have discovered that there are 7 primary objects and 15 secondary elements which create the framework. A total of 22 elements have been built into this framework to assist organizations in identifying and helping to assess if they are structurally ready to get high value from data.

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