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Women's Tech Executive Global Networking Platform

Senior Female Leaders in Tech, Data, & AI Dedicated to Equity & Parity

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A global platform Network for Today’s Women Tech Leaders

Since its creation, WLDA has been a place to build authentic connections and lifelong relationships that bring members success, learning, and a direction in which to pay it forward. 

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WLDA Members are Executives in Data and AI at the Following Corporations

Shaping A Place For Women leaders to Grow and Unite

wlda summit Event

Our flagship WLDA Summit events brings Fortune 1000 leaders together for an impactful future. 

wlda nation platform

A community for all leaders present and future -
passionate about Data and AI.

Visionary Leaders Forum

Visionary Leaders Forum brings together the most forward-thinking leaders from a variety of industries.

What Our members Say About Us

4.8 / 5 rating
“An inspiring group of women executives sharing valuable work and life advice.”

Sherry Marcus

Director of AI & ML, Amazon

“It’s a shared space where women leaders can co-learn and help equalize the fields of technology and data.”

Besa H. Bauta

CDO, State of Texas, Department of Family and Protective Services

A private network for the most powerful women in tech leadership

Our exclusive events include leading Executive attendees – CIOs, AI/ML VPs, CTOs, CDOs, and CISOs – from Global 1000 companies. Covering topics such as Cloud & Edge Computing, Data, AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain, Next-Generation Devices, Marketplaces, and VR/AR.

Connect with a powerful network of female c-suite from diverse backgrounds, industries, and organizations — from Fortune 1000 companies to successful startups.