What Is Telemedicine?

Asha Saxena explores telemedicine and the future of healthcare with NewYork-Presbyterian CIO, Daniel Barchi.

In this episode we explore what telemedicine is, how big data is impacting healthcare and how virtualization of healthcare is transforming the industry from the ground up. Everything from access to physicians, reduced costs and improved health outcomes.

Healthcare is changing at an astounding rate and what you know today will be out of date before you know it. Let us provide you with a framework for understanding telemedicine and its impact on healthcare and patients alike.

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • What is telemedicine, and why does it matter to patients?
  • How healthcare is balancing the needs of protecting patient data while addressing the need to share information more than ever.
  • The roll AI is starting to play in the lives of physicians, and patients from diagnosis to research.
  • How healthcare is changing the paradigm of needing physical locations for healthcare solutions using telehealth.
  • What happens when big players decided to step into the healthcare industry from outside the industry.
  • Where is the line between AI and physician decision making and responsibility?
  • What is the healthcare industry doing to tackle data security, and who owns that health data?
  • How hospitals are creating a true continuum of care from first visit through post care.

Ways to contact Asha Saxena:

Email: Asha@divewithdata.com