The Role of Big Data & Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials for Cancer

Asha Saxena speaks with Ari Caroline and Issac Wagner about their progress with artificial intelligence and big data in clinical trials at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

In this episode, the role of big data and artificial intelligence and its impact on cancer patients who participate in clinical trials is discussed candidly and pragmatically. Big data and artificial intelligence are changing the way we think about healthcare and altering the way it is applied to patients. With big data and artificial intelligence, healthcare will never be the same again. These things are transforming healthcare into a more meaningful and custom approach to personal care.

Though this discussion is specific to oncology clinical trials, it nonetheless provides an overview of innovative ways healthcare is changing to improve and accommodate patients’ health issues and experiences in the healthcare system. In this podcast, you will hear all you need to know about advancements and limitations of big data and artificial intelligence and their impact on healthcare. 

What you will learn about in this episode:

  • How big data is informing and advancing the technology behind oncology clinical trials
  • What machine learning is and how it is used to be more proactive in healthcare
  • What it means to reuse big data to learn more about the patient and inform future personalized care
  • How using technology and a patient’s data will change the way care is delivered
  • What’s needed in healthcare today to get the clinical information needed to promote better care
  • How data has informed the operational side of healthcare to improve communication and doctor visits
  • What are predictive and prescriptive models and artificial intelligence’s role in these models
  • What the tools are that we need to advance artificial intelligence to perform better, specifically to perform better in pathology and radiology
  • Are we in a position yet where computers will take over the role of doctors?
  • Why data organization and management is so important

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