Using Data to Drive Business Strategy, with Doug Schmidt

Asha Saxena discusses the important topic of building business value using data as a core element with Doug Schmidt, a Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and an entrepreneur.

In this episode, we ask a very important question: can we lead with innovation using data strategy to drive business strategy?

Company leaders put a lot of emphasis on business strategy and not enough on data strategy. Even when leaders track key metrics, they often measure the wrong ones when they lag data strategy behind their decisions.

How can we use data to drive the culture of our businesses? Listen in to find out how.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Using business strategy to show you where to start and which route you should take to the destination
  • How mistakes often occur because businesses are operating within a culture that is not driven by data
  • How successful people in the business world tend to focus more on the results rather than the process and methodology and how focusing too much on the results can hinder one’s ability to deliver on the expectations they set for themselves
  • The stigma that technology and those who work in this industry have of not being collaborative and not understanding how a business truly works
  • Why technology is playing a greater and greater role in businesses with each passing year
  • How technology has essentially depreciated, and in some cases, eradicated the world’s oldest businesses
  • The ways technology has changed how we consume media and how companies are targeting audiences for advertising

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