The Critical Roles of Cognitive Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Diversity in Business Today, with Tracy Ring Cryder

Asha Saxena explores cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence with Deloitte Consulting cognitive analytics and RP alliance portfolio leader, Tracy Ring Cryder.

In this episode we explore how businesses are taking a second look at cognitive technologies thanks to wide advancements in these technologies in recent years and the type of impact we can expect from more businesses adopting these technologies.

Technology is evolving all the time and the better industry leaders, in all business sectors, understand the technology available to them, the wiser decisions they can make about investing in these technologies.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The surprising ways most businesses begin the process of procuring new visualization tools and why that means that anyone in the organization now has the opportunity to influence the future or organizations
  • Why Tracy believes it’s important for businesses to get accustomed to change – because technology is evolving so rapidly forcing change in many cases
  • The reason Tracy’s organization shifted down from five-year roadmaps and strategies to only three and how she’d like to see it shift further down, to 12 or fewer months if possible
  • Why Tracy believes it’s important to bridge the gap between business and technology and how businesses are becoming more tech savvy and tech companies are becoming more business savvy, creating better innovation and products
  • How young professionals and interns are driving innovation in the workplace and why that’s a great thing for businesses
  • The roles women play in driving technology and how it’s not only young women that are playing major roles in this push
  • The huge gender gap in the technology industry and how the numbers of female executives in successful firms were more than double the number of female executives in unsuccessful firms
  • How women are uniquely positioned to deal with the diverse challenges presented by technology in business
  • Why diversity drives not only technology, but also business success as well, which is why it’s important to hear many voices in the process

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