Business Transformation Using Data as an Asset, with Sandeep Katarnavre

Asha Saxena explores the power of business transformation with Sandeep Katarnavre, CIO and VP of IT of Saint-Gobain, world leader in the habitat and construction markets, design, manufacture and distribution of building and high-performance materials.

In this episode, Sandeep Katarnavre discusses business transformation and how thinking big can help businesses unlock the value of transformation, find hidden opportunities, and generate new value.

Data is at the heart of business transformation, informing efforts to optimize customer engagement, achieve efficiencies and cost savings, and scale digital offerings. Learn more on today’s podcast.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Sandeep began his career as an electrical engineer and went on to become a business transformative leader
  • Why Sandeep believes that humility is one of the cornerstones of success
  • Lessons in business transformation that Sandeep has learned over his 25-year career
  • Why it’s critical that CIOs fully understand the businesses they are serving, their competition, and their customers’ customers and suppliers’ suppliers
  • What business transformation really means and how Sandeep has used technology as a core component of transformation in his work
  • Some of the common pitfalls businesses experience during the transformation process and how to avoid them
  • Case studies in successful business transformation from Sandeep’s career
  • Sandeep’s thoughts on how robotics and other technological advancements will change the workplace of tomorrow
  • Why Sandeep believes it’s important to continue to learn new technology, grow in your role, and be passionate about what you do
  • Why Sandeep wants “paying it forward” to be a big part of the legacy he leaves in his career

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