Looking at Data From a Different Perspective, with Diwakar Goel

Asha Saxena speaks with Diwakar Goel, Chief Data Officer for GE Digital. Diwakar has been with GE for thirteen years, through eight different positions within the organization. Through all his varied roles at GE, he has experienced firsthand the power of data management in transforming his business to meet the challenges of the modern, information-driven technological era.

In this episode, Diwakar Goel discusses navigating and leveraging the immense amounts of data available to companies today and understanding how the data sets interact and overlap to drive profitability and solve problems.

Data management is one of the most integral skills businesses must learn to navigate the new challenges and opportunities promised by the technological advances of the new millennium. Learn more on today’s podcast.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Diwakar Goel moved through various tech positions within GE and became their Chief Data Officer
  • The difference between using an outcome-based approach and a domain-based approach to solve problems
  • How new advances in realtime data, AI and machine learning have altered the way businesses can use and disseminate data
  • Why the finance sector has been one of the biggest historical drivers of data usage, and why the future of data goes beyond finance
  • How Big Data is using automated algorithms to help customs personnel streamline their import categorization efforts
  • How machine learning can be an amazing tool to assist the banking industry in their decision-making processes
  • How entrepreneurs can get started in harnessing the power of data to grow their businesses
  • Examples of how Big Data has most impacted his organization for the better, in both operations and management
  • Why Diwakar believes we need to view governance in a different light to improve data management rules
  • Why it’s important to be willing to take risks, have fun, and value the contributions of your team

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