The Next Big Thing Isn’t BDaaS – It’s How You Use It

At one time, only the corporate elite could afford to collect and crunch millions of data points to optimize their businesses. But with the advent of big data as a service, companies of all sizes now have the chance to take part in the big data revolution. Although the need for data isn’t new, the […]

FTI Catalyst offers healthcare professionals improved organizational analytics, enhanced decision-making, better strategy implementation, and improved overall operational efficiency. You founded Future Technologies Inc., a business analytics company, in 1996 and then developed FTI Catalyst, a pre-built data model specifically geared toward healthcare analytics. What has contributed to your overall growth and expansion into the health space? Asha: FTI works across a broad spectrum of industries, and as the company grew, we noticed an ongoing greater […]

Retail Data Model: How to Make it Work for the Healthcare Sector

The retail sector has long been using data to improve its services — from tracking customers’ habits to finding new solutions to age-old problems. In this guest post, Asha Saxena, president and CEO of a data management firm, gives hospital executives a rundown of how they can capitalize on big data.  ___________________________________________________________________________ Half of U.S. retail marketing executives […]

How to Employ Data to Empower, Not Replace, Your Managers

People love to joke that robots are going to someday steal our jobs. Don’t panic — nobody is being replaced just yet. You can put down your stapler. But don’t relax, either. Because it’s time to revolutionize the way middle management utilizes Big Data. The role of data collection and analysis commonly falls on the […]

6 Ways Hospitals Can Ease Patients’ Fears About Security Threats

Data and technology have become integral parts of healthcare. They work together to offer physicians a timely and precise glimpse into patients’ personal health. They allow physicians to consult with patients and fellow doctors around the globe. They allow medical records to be transferred and accessed with the touch of a button. But they also […]

5 Questions to Help Decide If Outsourcing Is the Solution

Asking what tools you should use to solve problems and optimize your business is a bit like asking how you can make your life better. There are endless possibilities. It all depends on what you want, what your values are and what particular problems you’re experiencing. Companies are constantly facing the choice between buying tools […]

The Med Student’s Guide to Analytics in Healthcare

The Med Student’s Guide to Analytics in Healthcare  May 1, 2015 As a future physician, you’re constantly learning. You spend years studying, memorizing, reciting, hypothesizing, shadowing, and practicing — laying the foundation for the rest of your career. And if you strive to be a patient advocate, your acquisition of skills and knowledge will only […]

Refuel Your Small Business With Actionable Data

When a brown bear catches a salmon, it doesn’t simply devour it; it picks it apart for the most nutritious cuts. Just like a bear, as a business owner you can’t stop at the data-gathering stage. To feed your company with meaningful data, you must refine and process it to extract the meatiest bits. In […]

Why Your Startup Needs to Be Data Mature From the Beginning

For many entrepreneurs, data is an extravagance that can be overlooked during those early, nose-to-the-grindstone days of launching a startup. You’ve got more important things to worry about, right? Wrong. Data matters, even to startups. Data-driven metrics are key to moving your company beyond survival mode so you can focus on other business goals. Data can […]