How Deep Learning is Changing the World of Sports Medicine, with Adam Kiefer

Asha Saxena talks with Adam Kiefer, Director of TEAM VR (Training Enhancement and Analysis of Movement Virtual Reality) Laboratory at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, about the emerging use of Artificial Intelligence in sports medicine. Deep learning is rapidly becoming an indispensable data tool in the world of sports. Deep Learning, a subset of AI […]

The Multifaceted Role of Analytics Governance, with Isaac Wagner

Asha Saxena explores data and analytics governance with Isaac Wagner, Director of the Strategic Analytics group at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, a state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility using cutting-edge innovations to treat all kinds of cancer. In this episode, Isaac Wagner discusses the importance of having a solid governance structure, the difference […]

Practical Applications of Game Theory in Business, with Boris Kerzhner

Asha Saxena speaks with Boris Kerzhner, the Chief Data Scientist at BookXchange, a business specializing in purchasing and sales of textbooks to students and wholesalers worldwide. Boris was tapped to run the retail arm of the business, and he uses game theory and data to help make buying and selling decisions to dramatically increase the […]

Looking at Data From a Different Perspective, with Diwakar Goel

Asha Saxena speaks with Diwakar Goel, Chief Data Officer for GE Digital. Diwakar has been with GE for thirteen years, through eight different positions within the organization. Through all his varied roles at GE, he has experienced firsthand the power of data management in transforming his business to meet the challenges of the modern, information-driven […]

Business Transformation Using Data as an Asset, with Sandeep Katarnavre

Asha Saxena explores the power of business transformation with Sandeep Katarnavre, CIO and VP of IT of Saint-Gobain, world leader in the habitat and construction markets, design, manufacture and distribution of building and high-performance materials. In this episode, Sandeep Katarnavre discusses business transformation and how thinking big can help businesses unlock the value of transformation, […]

The Critical Roles of Cognitive Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Diversity in Business Today, with Tracy Ring Cryder

Asha Saxena explores cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence with Deloitte Consulting cognitive analytics and RP alliance portfolio leader, Tracy Ring Cryder. In this episode we explore how businesses are taking a second look at cognitive technologies thanks to wide advancements in these technologies in recent years and the type of impact we can expect from […]

Using Big Data To Drive Entrepreneurship Goals, with Manoj Madhusudanan

Asha Saxena explores using AI and machine learning to help new business owners achieve their goals with Manoj Madhusudanan, founder of the AI driven B2B sales targeting platform Ziligence. In this episode, we go into the different ways data helps drive the results companies are looking for. Many entrepreneurs have little knowledge of different data […]